Lesson plan: Spook-tacular Halloween

Грядущий Хэллоуин — еще один отличный повод приобщить студентов к культуре англоязычных стран. Если вы увлеклись вырезанием тыкв и плетением паутины и все еще не приготовили задания на тематический урок, вам точно сюда!

план урока английского языка halloween

Для вас мы приготовили «ужасный» план урока на тему Halloween — ночи всех святых, нацеленный на пополнение словарного запаса и развитие разговорных навыков.

В этом уроке студенты уровня Pre-Intermediate познакомятся с лексикой на тему праздника, послушают и споют хит короля поп-музыки, попробуют продать дом с привидениями, сварят зелье и выберут лучший костюм для праздника. В качестве домашнего задания их ждут до непристойности жуткие темы сочинений.

Lesson:  Spook-tacular Halloween

Level: Pre-intermediate

People: ~10-15

Age: teens-young adults

Aims: to promote interest in the culture, introduce and practice new vocabulary, give freer speaking practice of a language point, develop listening skills.

Time: approximately 1 hour (depends on the pace of the group)

Warm up

timing: ~7 min.

interaction: whole class

materials: board, markers

 Introduce the topic of the lesson to your Ss. Ask them if they know anything about the holiday, origins, traditions and popular activities.

Challenge your Ss with a little warm up in a form of some Halloween tongue twisters.

Write down the following tongue twisters on the board and practice them as a class or individually:

Big bats match hats.

Warty witches wish for watches.

Musty mummies make monster masks.

Glowing ghosts gobble goodies.

If your class is creative enough encourage them to come up with their own tongue twisters and don’t forget to award the best one.

Main part

timing: ~20 min.

interaction: individual work

materials: song worksheet, music video Thriller

 Start off your Halloween lesson with the spookiest song by M. Jackson Thriller. Ask Ss what the song’s title means, if they like thriller movies, if they know famous dance from the music video. Give out the worksheets to Ss. Watch and listen to this famous song and ask Ss to do the activities set in the worksheet.


After Ss have finished ask them to retell the plot of the music video. Elicit word `werewolf` and write it on the board.

Vocabulary introduction & practise

timing: ~10 min.

interaction: whole class

materials: board, markers, halloween crossword

Write the word ‘Halloween’ in capital letters next to `werewolf` and ask the class to name any other words they associate with Halloween.

Might be a good idea to think of a word connected to HALLOWEEN using each of the letters (e.g. Haunted house, Apple, Lantern, Leaves,  October, Witch, Eerie, Eeek, Night).

Write all the suggestions on the board. Ask for definitions of words which not all the class know. Check and correct pronunciation of vocabulary.

Give your Ss worksheet with new vocabulary, give them ~3 min and let them match pictures with correspondent words in the crossword, check as a class.


timing: ~10 min.

interaction: group work

materials: halloween board game

Time to activate new vocabulary, put Ss in groups of 4, give each group 1 worksheet with the board game. Each Ss needs a counter and the dice. A student rolls the dice and makes a sentence with a word in the square. Other Ss monitor the activity and check if the sentence is correct, if it`s not, the student goes back to the previous square.

To make it more complicated ask your Ss to make up a story and stick to the topic when they make sentences.

Follow up

timing: ~15 min.

interaction: pair work

materials: questions

Divide the class into pairs and give them Halloween questions to discuss. Monitor the class and take notes of widespread mistakes. Give your feedback when they have finished.

Home work

timing: 2 min.

Give your Ss a creative task as home work. Ask to write an essay on one of the topics:

You are going to organize a Halloween fancy dress party. Make a list of whom to invite, snacks and activities.

Write a recipe for a witch’s brew.

Write a letter to Count Dracula and his wives convincing them to come to your Halloween party.
Describe the ultimate Halloween costume.

You are going to interview a zombie . Write 10 questions you would like to ask.

A strange scratching sound was coming from under my bed so I …


This is it! Enjoy this Hallowen lesson with your students! Keep calm, trick or treat and carry on =))

Download lesson plan «Spook-tacular Halloween»

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